We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home.

It’s where food and words become medicine. Where insight becomes inspiration and life’s most important decisions are made.

You might want to pull up a chair and join us at the table if…
  • You think it’s important to reclaim traditional healing and food knowledge
  • You love to learn new skills- but you also want to know how to fit them into your already-busy lifestyle (and stay sane...)
  • You are a freethinker who isn’t content to accept the stats quo.

You’ve travelled the highway but the path with the wildflowers looks so much more interesting now. It just FEELS right. It’s where you can breathe…

We’ve walked that path…
Adrienne & Sherry

Adrienne & Sherry

We are Sherry Rothwell and Adrienne Percy- the co-founders of Domestic Diva. Women from two completely different backgrounds whose paths converged out of a common interest in preserving the skills and wisdom that are being lost in the hustle, bustle, and industrialization of modern-day life.


How we can help you…

We offer:

Who we love to work with:

We love to support and mentor moms who:

  • Are willing to walk the extra mile…..
  • Listen to that little voice inside them (even if they don’t know exactly where it‘s taking them).
  • Get bright-eyed and breathless about the things that rock their world.
How to get started with us…

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