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We love writing about: traditional food, whole foods for kids, fermented foods, natural childbirth, simple living and alternative healing. We also do great demonstrations for television and radio interviews with sizzle…

Sherry Rothwell is a registered holistic nutritionist and birth educator and Adrienne Percy is a longtime writer and journalist with more than a a decade experience writing about health, the food industry and food security. Find out more about their backgrounds here.

Special Guest Interviews

Nutrition for the Childbearing years

Listen in as Sherry talks with Kara Maria Ananda about the importance of probiotic and fermented foods, good fats, nourishing our liver, and how to prevent morning sickness at the WOMB Conference.

Radio Interviews

A Woman’s Connection to the Moon

Women of ancient times believed the female cycle was deeply connected to the phases of the moon. Marlo Boux of GirlTalk Radio talks with Sherry about how women can apply this knowledge today so we can better manage our feminine energy.

Have we been socialized out of our feminine intuitiveness?

Tune in as Adrienne chats with Marlo Boux of GirlTalk Radio – it’s a hot topic so get ready for stimulating discussion. Has women’s lib left us overextended and burnt out? Have we been socialized out of our feminine intuitiveness? Marlo says: “Let’s drop the shame and have a REAL discussion.”

New mothers, nutrition through the childbearing years and healing digestion with cultured foods: Wooden Spoons interview

Listen in as Sherry shares her insight with Mary Jane Eason of CKUW’s 95.9 FM Wooden Spoons Radio show, into the health concerns of women during the childbearing years and how to heal digestive issues at the level of root cause with cultured foods. Click through the following link to listen (interview starts 4 minutes in): Concerns of New Mothers and Healing Digestion with Cultured Foods


Saying goodbye to peanut butter sandwiches

Sherry and Adrienne elevate school lunches by connecting families with the food and skills needed to make it a nourishing week! Read about how they are doing it through their volunteer work with a community-based initiative called Dig In Manitoba.

“Whole food, whole nutrition”

Sherry talks about the first steps to transition to whole foods. Read the article….


Kindred magazine

Motherhood as a Bodhisattvic Path (By Sherry Rothwell) “As mothers, we have great honor and great responsibility. The consciousness and tone with which we conceive, gestate, birth and parent our children, becomes the fabric from which they create their very lives.” Read the article

natural news

Heed Natural Timing Before Infant Introduction to Solid Food (by Sherry Rothwell) “It is commonplace among modern mothers to begin introducing solid food to theirbabies as early as 4 months of age, yet babies in more primitive societies were mostly exclusively breastfed until 2 years of age…” Read the article….

Pregnancy Brain May be First Sign of EFA Deficiency during Childbearing Years (by Sherry Rothwell) “Pregnancy brain, if left unchecked, may be the first and most benign symptom of a deficiency, which could later prove to have much greater consequence.” Read the article…..