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Want to kick your sugar habit without having to swear off sugar, use sheer willpower or eliminate your comfort foods forever?

Click here to access our complimentary teleseminar on how you can ‘have your cake and eat it too!’ We look at Step 1: upgrading the quality of your sugar instead of giving it up cold turkey!

Words of wisdom: wise woman series

Make tea, light a candle, grab a blanket and enjoy some word medicine from our favourite wise women!

Click here to enjoy our wise woman video series!


Want to boost your energy, give your skin “the glow” and help your family prevent nasty colds and flus this winter?

Click here to access FREE teleseminar on the health benefits of eating cultured foods.


THe joy of cultured foods videos….

Is there a difference between eating cultured foods vs taking a probiotic pill?

Want to see us transform a fast food meal into a probiotic feast that your kids will love?

Looking for a simple homemade gift with benefits?

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