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Month 1: Holiday Ferments (Tantalizing Thai Daikon, Un-roasted Winter Vegetables, Fennel Spiced Vegetables)
Teleseminar Topic: How to Ferment Anything & How to Include Cultured Veggies in your everyday meals.

Month 2: Condiments (Ketchup, Relish, Mustard, Mayo & Barbeque Sauce)
Teleseminar Topic: The Amazing Benefits of Eating Cultured Food, plus Creating Community and Sharing Food Skills

Month 3: Cooked Ferments (Eggplant Curry, Roasted Red Peppers, Harvard Beets and Cultured Cauliflower )
Teleseminar Topic: Symptoms of Bacterial Imbalance & How did My Bacteria Get out of Whack in the First Place!

Month 4: Cultured Fruit (Cultured Fruit Leather, Cultured Jam, Cultured Fruit Syrup & Cultured Fruit Butter, plus Ayurvedic Chutneys)
Teleseminar Topic: 3 Simple Ways to Restore Your Gut Flora

Month 5: Kid Friendly Ferments (Coconut Kefir Water, Coconut Kefir Pudding and Lacto fermented V8 and Lacto-fermented fruit juice)
Teleseminar Topic: Cultured at Birth- Birth, Breastfeeding and making cultured foods kid-friendly.

Month 6: Medicinal Ferments (Herbal Infusion, Kefirized Herbal Infusion, Kefirized Herbal (Bitters) Tonic, Kitchen Bitters & Pecan Cinnamon Dream)
Teleseminar Topic: Boost Your Digestion: Digestive Troubleshooting and healing the Leaky Gut

BONUS Module: Bubbly Beverages (Ginger Ale, Cabbage Juice Tonic, Beet Kvass & Gourmet Lemonade).

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