Honouring traditional women’s wisdom through art…

Have you noticed the beautiful works of art that grace our newsletters and articles about the moon? They are the work of Metis artist Leah Dorion.

We were smitten with Dorion’s work after the universe brought us together. How’d it happen? Well, we were searching for the full ‘seventh generation’ text and instead came across Dorion’s website. I can honestly say it was love at first sight.

Dorion’s work reflects her commitment to reviving and honouring traditional women’s wisdom and the life-giving force inherent in each of us…She is also enormously talented.

We wanted to share a bit more about Leah and her work with you through this interview:

Visionary Metis artist Leah Dorion

Who is Leah Dorion/tell me a little about you so we can understand your work?
Well, I am a Metis gal with Roots to the historic Metis fur trade community of Cumberland House, Saskatchewan. My father (Louis) is a part of the Dorion Clan which has always followed the traditionial matriarchal leadership system.  We come from a line of strong First Nation and Metis women.  Since the passing of my dad I have become ever closer to my aunties (My dad’s sisters) they are teaching me about womanhood and my beauty as life giver.

These women inspire my paintings.

What have been the key influences on your work?
My spiritual traditions are at the heart and soul of my artistic practice.  My life struggles are major sources of power and influence in my work.  My woman gifts and celebrating them are a major focus of my life right now.


What do you think are some of the most important things women today can learn from generations past?
We had good ways to relate as women, our lodges were powerful and life affirming and I want to play a role to bring those lodges back into full function.

Leah's work entitled: 'Crushing chokecherries'

What piece of traditional wisdom resonates deeply with you?
Love and trust (These two words are my mantra for this yearly cycle)

What inspires you?
All of Creation is so inspiring that I get compelled to paint it into my life.

Leah's work: Past, present and future

If you could wave a magic wand, what would be your greatest wish for the women of the world? 
The complete restoration of our original ancient ways which helped women fully function and blossom in their families and communities.

I would like to see the moon lodge be revived and its teachings be fully sharing in all ways possible. Meegweetch.

Dancing Women, 2007 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas For many generations First Nations women had their own lodges, societies, and ceremonies. These women are celebrating the erection of the sacred moon lodge. The moon lodge was a place where women on their moon time retreated to pray and connect with their feminine gifts of sisterhood. The grandmothers would make sure all women had this time to say prayers, rebalance, and receive inner guidance. Through the reconnection with the life blood of creation women came out renewed and ready to better fulfill their roles as aunties, sisters, mothers, and partners. It was believed that the moon lodge was a vital part of the family, community, and nation.

How can people see more of your work? 
Mainly my website. I do the odd art show at public galleries. I am still trying to manifest a distributor to carry my art work. I really want a gallery to represent me that can honour my spiritual paintings. I know it will happen in its course.

This summer I am having a big show at the Batoche National Historic Park which honours Metis women. (I am) so excited because many people from around the work will see my art there and hear my story of Metis women….

How can someone purchase your work? 
I usually do direct sales…they can contact me via email.


Question: What is your wish for the women of the world? What would be the most valuable tradition we could reclaim for our daughters, and for ourselves so we can honour and sustain the life-giving force and feminine energy inside of us?

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