Radiant Mom, Vibrant Child

Do you ever wish that you could ignite the wise woman healer inside of you who knows exactly what to do to nourish your family?


Do you secretly long for the loving presence, insight and experience of a mentor to show you the path and teach you how?

Do you?

√ Want to use food (not drugs) to help your child recover from behavioural or learning challenges.

√ Want to support your children to reach their fullest potential, natural beauty and brilliance -while easily maintaining their perfect weight, optimal growth and healthy development.

√ Want to feed your child easy to digest foods to prevent and heal food sensitivities and digestive troubles (tummy aches).

√ You feel depleted, run down and exhausted from having babies and you want to rebuild and rejuvenate so that you can regain your strength (and your figure).

How would it feel if you..

  • Felt connected to the bounty of medicine that nature offer’s and confident to use it safely, wisely and responsibly?
  • How about if you felt confident and empowered that you can handle the health challenges that inevitably occur on the journey of motherhood- without having to resort to drugs or surgery as the first line of defense- just because you don’t know what else to do?
  • What if you could rediscover a more radiant version of yourself and boost your libido?
  • If you are feeling anxiety about your health (or your child’s), how would your state of mind change, if you were effectively taking logical and sequential steps toward improved well-being -so that you could stop worrying?
Do you feel like you need….
A breath of fresh air and more connection in your journey toward optimal health.
Do you crave inspiration and a little more adventure in your kitchen? Want to leave no stone unturned on the path, yet feel a bit forlorn because you thought you had it figured out -and still your family’s health isn’t ‘perfect’.

Are you wondering if there is more that you can do? You’ve probably tried…
Naturopaths, supplements, detoxes, energy workers, special diets like anti candida ones, raw foods, vegetarianism etc. but still optimal health alludes you.


I know how hopeless, frustrating and depressing it feels to worry about your family’s health and not know what to do, because I’ve been there too!

I also know what it is like to think that I was doing everything right- only to find out later that I was missing crucial pieces of the puzzle (the kind of stuff that you need to know as a mom, but no one tells you, because few understand).

I too made plenty of mistakes along the way, second guessed myself and gave my power away to well meaning yet heroically minded practitioners who really didn’t listen…

6 years ago my 4 year old son broke out in eczema and I was literally riddled with anxiety trying to figure out how to heal him naturally.

The truth is, I felt ashamed and had strong feelings of futility that even with all my pregnancy preparation, knowledge of nutrition, years of eating a healthy whole foods vegetarian diet, that my son was suffering…I was devastated that as a nutritionist I couldn’t figure out how to help him despite a healthy diet.

Next we tried herbal creams, supplements, naturopaths, homeopaths, sensitivity testing, gluten free, dairy free (nearly food free, gah) and thousands of dollars later we were still left with an itchy kid and I was going out of my mind worried that my child would have to live his life avoiding foods that everyone love’s -as he continued to develop new food sensitivities -with the list of ‘safe foods’ getting shorter- with little to impact on the severity of his eczema.

I was haunted by thoughts of worse health conditions might be down the road.

I didn’t know what to do….

…..or did I?

At the end of my rope, I was done running from practitioner to practitioner and looking for someone else to hand me the answers on a silver platter.

Finally, I went within and conjured up the energy and will to do what I knew I had to and broke through the resistance. And we did it all without the help of experts, drugs or supplements….my son was healed of eczema and all his food sensitivities in 4 weeks.

Over the years, I have learned so much more about what made my child susceptible to eczema and about what I could have done to prevent it and better re establish his health.

I wish I would have known then what I know now.

When I look back on that time -instead of struggling to figure it all out on my own -while at the same time swinging to the opposite extreme of looking for the answers outside of myself and wishing that someone else could do it for me-  I wish I would have had an experienced mentor who could hold the space for me and acknowledge the inherent wisdom inside of me as a mother truly capable of asking the right questions and finding the right answers inside to heal my family….

….and that is why I created the Radiant Mom, Vibrant Child program.

To help moms take their family’s health to the next level with the wisdom of traditional food, to help you active the wise women healer that is inherently inside of you and to share with you step-by-step how to use natural medicine confidently and responsibly, so that you feel empowered as a mother to protect and heal your child in any circumstance.

The program covers…

1) How to feed a child for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption

2) How to prevent and treat cavities naturally

3) Traditional food preparation skills

4) Learning step-by-step how to navigate your family’s healing path confidently

5) Ideal foods for growing healthy, strong and resilient children

6) Establishing food prep rhythms in your kitchen

We were empowered to make things from scratch I had never even heard of or considered making at home such as kefir, kombucha, fermented veggies and homemade bread to name a few! 

“I completed a holistic nutrition program with Sherry that was life changing!  Sherry taught us a whole new perspective on healthy eating and living that was so unlike anything I had ever learned before (even from the “natural” community). We were empowered to make things from scratch I had never even heard of or considered making at home such as kefir, kombucha, fermented veggies and homemade bread to name a few! I can honestly say I have learned more from Sherry in this past year then I have learned from most people in my life, in a lifetime. My lifestyle has changed 100% since meeting Sherry, but not in a drastic detox -go cold turkey- off everything type of change, rather it was a gentle supported transition. Sherry is kind, supportive, crazy smart and has a holistic perspective that truly encompasses all facets of your life and helps you to transition back to a way of life that nature intended! The individual support and programs are customized to your unique needs so you always get a program that is tailored for you  and your unique situation. I would truly recommend any of Sherry’s programs that resonate with you!! Thank you Sherry for EVERYTHING!”
Sarah Picken
Winnipeg, MB

Results you can expect from this program:

Learn how to prepare nutrient dense foods that build resilient, vibrant, calm and happy children (the same foods that balance your hormones for radiant health and energy!).

Learn new hands on food skills and watch your family delight in food like never before!

Discover how to use ‘food as medicine’ to heal your family’s health challenges at the level of root cause.

Together we’ll dedicate the time you’ve always wanted to – to focus on improving your own and your family’s health -creating a strategy that you can implement step by step!

My breastfed baby who had a chronic red rash on her face, eczema from head to toe and susceptibility to diaper rash cleared everything in a shockingly short period, only 7 days!

“Before working with Sherry, I never believed I could actually undertake the changes that I needed to. Implementing the strategies that Sherry shares for healing the gut have eliminated nearly a lifetime of chronic stomach pain that I had been enduring with nearly every meal. As well, my painful eczema has slowly healed. Plus, my breastfed baby who had a chronic red rash on her face, eczema from head to toe and susceptibility to diaper rash cleared everything in a shockingly short period, only 7 days!”

Kat Funk, Herbalist, Winnipeg, MB

Why invest in the the support? 

√ You’re stuck spinning your wheels trying to figure it all out on your own.
Together we will uncover what your next steps are, so that you can confidently move forward toward your health goals.

√ You know what to do, but you are just not doing it! Or maybe you are tired of trying everything, but never sticking to anything long enough to see results.

√ You need someone to keep you accountable to your goals, help you get unstuck and stay on track.

√ You want direction and structure. You need a step by step system that works.

√ You want objective feedback. Together we will sort through what is standing in your way so that you can take consistent action.

In addition to keeping you accountable to your goals, we will structure your healing path in a way that inspires you, so that it doesn’t ever feel like ‘work’!

Here’s what to expect……

Together we will sit in my kitchen over a a beeswax candle and sip tea together as we create sacred space for your journey (or via phone). Each week you will learn a new skill and take home your creations along with a weekly lesson and homework. Your journey will be recorded and organized with your beautifully illustrated Radiant Mother, Vibrant Child workbook that includes my signature traditional foods shopping list and favourite family friendly recipes!

This is a 4 month personalized and private consulting program. Includes 8, 1 hr sessions, every second week. Includes e-mail support in between sessions.

Prerequisite Program: Flourishing Families


To get started working privately with Sherry in the Radiant Mother, Vibrant Child program, simply follow these 5 easy steps!

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Step 5: Bring all your forms filled out to your first session:
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Not sure?

Book a ‘Discover YouR next Steps’ Session

In this session you will get an “aha” (or greater insight) into your health concerns and discover what your next steps are (whether that includes working with me or not)! This session includes a 15 min follow-up phone session.

If you do decide to enroll in a program, the investment for this session will then be applied to your package.

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