Want to learn how to make probiotic condiments and bubbly beverages (at home) for better digestion, smooth skin and optimal immunity?

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Is your skin itchy, sensitive, acne or rash prone?
  • Do you suffer from fatigue, depression, irritability, mood swings and uncontrollable cravings for sugar?
  • Are you are sick and tired of living with gas, constipation, diarrhea, pain and bloating?

But what what if it really doesn’t have to be that way?

Want to discover a simple secret that can boost your energy, uplift your mood, eliminate digestive disturbances and enable you to love eating dairy again (without having to suffer for it later)?

Would you believe that many people start recovering their digestive health in as little as 2 weeks, just by adding (not subtracting!) 1 new (yet traditional) family of foods to your diet?

It is TRUE! If  you are willing  to make just a few SIMPLE changes in your daily routine, you can:

  • eliminate your sugar cravings (without willpower)
  • digest and assimilate your food better (no point eating all that healthy food if your body can’t deal with it!)
  • overcome yeast and fungal infections

Culturing food is a process that turns simple, everyday foods into ones infused with healthy, probiotic bacteria (just like yogurt!). In addition, using this wonderful (and easy) kitchen skill adds enzymes, fortifies our digestion and boosts our immunity, while at the same time increasing the nutritional value of the original food we started with!

Another benefit of eating cultured foods, is that doing so improves our body`s ability to digest and assimilate the nutritional value of everything else on our plate too!

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Introducing Cultured Kitchen, the e-course that shows you how to upgrade your family’s health through hands-on video demonstrations, recorded tele-seminars and downloadable documents -so that you can learn how to culture your food with friendly probiotics (without having to go to a class, hire a babysitter or leave your kitchen)!!

Painful stomach cramps, gas and nausea changed overnight once I started drinking kefir and eating fermented foods. What’s more, cravings that I usually had for salty and sour foods were finally satisfied! 

“When I started the Cultured Kitchen e-course, I was mostly just interested in finding an alternative to canning.  I like having home-made preserves and storing produce away for winter, but I was not enjoying the process! Fermenting foods sounded a lot easier, and more creative.  I was especially drawn in by Sherry & Adrienne’s encouragement to experiment with ferments and suit the recipes to my own tastes.  But little did I realize how much this course would change the way I look at food and my health!  The seminars provided in this course gave me a whole new roadmap for understanding my body and released me from many of the ‘diet’ fears of our age.  For years, I had always been careful about how much oil and animal fats I consumed, not only for fear of gaining weight but also because these foods usually led to painful stomach cramps, gas and nausea.  However, this seemed to change overnight once I started drinking kefir and eating fermented foods.  What’s more, cravings that I usually had for salty and sour foods were finally satisfied!  I’m no longer fighting with my body and I actually understand what my body needs to be well-nourished.  In a way, I have also found peace with food itself and feel free to be more creative and really love what I eat. On top of these health benefits, I have found cultured foods to be a way of growing the community around me.  I always seem to be running in to people who want to know more and want to start learning these skills for themselves.  Often, these people have also struggled with health problems that seem to disappear once they get ‘hooked’!  I especially love overhearing my husband (who was initially cautious about fermenting) singing the praises of kefir to his friends and family.  Teaching others about fermented foods has enriched many of our relationships and brought new people into my circle, and I’ve been blessed to see them support one another and myself as we work towards greater health in our community.”
Andrea Wheeldon Manitoba, Canada

This course is delivered as a multi-media, on-line, e-course with many learning styles in mind!

This is not just a downloadable video e-course. We deliver a practical course that is part teleseminar and part group coaching (think: support) program with downloadable e-books and video demonstrations.

Once you enroll in the Cultured Kitchen e-course, you will have lifetime access to all the learning materials, so that you can continue to learn at your own pace!

In addition you will discover:

  • Exactly what steps you need to take to heal yourself and your children of emotional and digestive upsets, pain and any toxic inflammatory conditions that you family is currently suffering from (i.e.: eczema, asthma, arthritis, irritable bowel, autism, ADD and other inflammatory conditions, mood and learning disorders)!
  • How to literally take your health to the next level! For many people, eating cultured foods is the next step on their healing journey and not attending to our gut health is often the limiting factor that stops people from getting results with other programs or therapies.
  • A feeling of empowerment as a mother knowing that you have taken the steps you need to undertake to ensure that your children have a strong foundation for optimal digestive and immune health and the best chance at a healthy start in life!

Sherry’s Story….

I feel super-honoured and excited to share with you the benefits and fun of making and eating cultured foods! 5 years ago I was standing in your shoes. I had chronic vaginal yeast infections, my son had a severe case of eczema and I was pulling out my hair looking for solutions and literally riddled with anxiety (seriously) worrying about my son’s health.

I’ve both suffered the heavy feelings, exhaustion, and bloating (which I assumed was normal- at least for me!) AND 5 1/2 years later I have healed myself and my son from a range of digestive disturbances such as eczema, yeast infections, gas, dandruff, bloating and dairy intolerance by adopting cultured foods as a regular course of my diet food!

Today I can pretty much eat whatever I want in moderation – without having to suffer for it later!

You can watch me tell what did the trick and why I refused to go on one of those anti-Candida diets:

And Adrienne, will tell you the story of how, after years of restrictive diets and detoxes, she licked her sugar habit without even trying, just by eating cultured foods

But maybe you are asking : “Can this really work for me? What if I am not that skilled in the kitchen?”

I bet you are wondering if making cultured foods is hard, time-consuming or finicky. After all, we are working with bacteria here, are we not?! There would have to be room for a lot of error, no? After all, the average kitchen doesn’t have the technology of a science laboratory! So I bet you are wondering if adding homemade cultured foods to your diet is even possible.

One thing that we can promise you, is that once you SEE how easy it is to make your own cultured foods, you won’t be afraid to try your hand at it or get back on the horse again if you’ve had bad luck with other methods. We 100% guarantee that your jaw is going to drop when you realize just how simple it is!!!

Here are 4 of the biggest myths about culturing foods (aka: fermentation) that often stops moms before they get started:

  •  MYTH 1: Fermentation will stink up your whole house
  •  MYTH 2: It’s finicky and you will have to worry about temperature, contamination and mould
  • MYTH 3: Culturing foods is hard, time consuming and expensive
  •  MYTH 4: Ferments taste YUCKY – like vinegar

None of that is true when you use this simple formula for turning everything and anything into a cultured food without even having to dig out a recipe!

We use a very simple formula based on tried and true recipes from the cookbook Nourishing Traditions (it’s the base of all our signature recipes!). We prefer using this method because it is easy, faster and more convenient than the crockpot method (plus it doesn’t stink up your whole house)!

We’ve eliminated all the guesswork, trial and error and teach you the most reliable method for making yummy, living probiotic rich food at home!

The reality is: if you can grow it, pick it or buy it in the produce section, you CAN ferment it!

Making cultured food simple, affordable, sustainable and accessible is where we come in!

About 5 years ago, I was convinced that fermentation was a BIG deal. It took me (Sherry) ages to gather all the tools before I finally gave it a go, a whole year later!

I tried everything from culturing dairy, to crockpot fermentation. I wasted a lot of time and energy before I finally discovered, through trial and error, what works, what doesn’t, what’s easy, what’s not and what is not worth doing at all!

Just when I was about to throw in the towel, I discovered that it really didn’t have to be all that complicated, stinky or finicky! I discovered a much simpler way based on a renowned cookbook called Nourishing Traditions. In its pages, I discovered how to ferment vegetables and fruit in the easiest, most foolproof way possible! I have now been successfully fermenting vegetables of all kinds with the Nourishing Traditions method of fermentation.

It is easy to follow and efficient. It’s the opposite of all the time-wasting, complicated and energy-draining methods we’ve tried in the past. PLUS- we’ve refined and sorted out all the kinks to help you easily transition this ancient tradition into your modern kitchen!

Can’t you just buy your ferments though? Why make your own cultured veggies at home anyway?

√ Because it tastes WAY better than any store bought brand!

√ Because you can ensure that it is alive and thriving with beneficial microflora!

√ Because it is WAY less expensive.

√ Because if you are struggling with immune and digestive health, this is one of 2 final frontiers you’ll need to explore to get to the root of your health challenges (and yes, we will tell you about this inside the course in detail as part of the nutrition lessons!).

√ Because vegetable ferments are more therapeutic than probiotic pills

√ Because making fermented veggies at home is more ecologically sound.

√ Because by knowing how to use fermentation as a means of food preservation, you’ll have a life saving skill that you can share with your friends and family!

√ Because making them at home means you have more variety and flavours to enjoy!

Learn how you can easily ferment:

  • One jar at a time, EASILY in under 10 minutes
  • In batches- 3 months worth of ferments for a family of four in 4-5 hours on an afternoon or evening.
  • Or simply, “here and there” as your garden ripens or when you ‘feel’ like it!

Is it REALLY that easy?

I have consistently achieved excellent results with this easy, breezy simple method over and over again with all kinds of veggies, and so have my students!

In fact, many of my students have even shared with me that learning this simple art has been a life-changing experience for them. Every single student who has attended my classes is shocked at how easy it is! They wonder why they waited so long, especially once they experience the health benefits! Trying is believing!

This same step-by-step system can work for you too! I know, because it has worked for us and hundreds, if not thousands of cultured food enthusiasts all around the world, who are enjoying better health by eating fermented vegetables all year round!


It is sooooo easy that my even my husband makes ferments! Now this is a huge SHOCKER since he is known for NOT being able to follow a recipe!! But truth be told, if I fall behind on making ferments, he will propose a fermentation date over a romantic movie at the dining room table!

 “In just two short weeks of implementing probiotic foods into my diet, I have way more energy, my skin is clearer, my digestion is smoother and I don’t have sugar cravings anymore! I really see myself living a probiotic rich lifestyle for the rest of my days!”

“I was blown away by how much easier it is to make healthy enzyme and bacteria rich storable fermented food, than it is to make canned foods (and way less hot too). This class exceeded my expectations! I’ve read the books and seen the studies, but I just didn’t know how to make and incorporate probiotic foods into my everyday life.  Now I have the skills and the knowledge to make delicious and healthy foods for my family that they actually want to eat! I don’t really know what else to say than that this course lit a fire inside of me to want to learn more about my food.  I feel empowered that I can make huge positive changes for my family that don’t involve drastic measures. In just two short weeks of implementing probiotic foods into my diet, I have way more energy, my skin is clearer, my digestion is smoother and I don’t have sugar cravings anymore! I really see myself living a probiotic rich lifestyle for the rest of my days!”

Genevieve Martens, Herbalist, Wetaskawin, AB

 Want to know about the many other benefits of consuming probiotic foods?

By eating cultured vegetables, we optimize our health in the following ways:

  • eliminate your cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates
  • say goodbye to depression
  • optimize your digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • boost and balance your immunity
  • cleanse your organs and tissues without going on a cleanse conquer your systemic fungal infections ie: candida albicans
  • restore your ability to digest grains and dairy again!
  • lose excess weight by correcting deficiencies and reducing sugar cravings (sugar not fat is promotes obesity), studies have now shown that overweight people are more likely to have imbalanced microflora.
  • reduce high blood pressure
  • eliminate acne, eczema and other skin rashes
  • protect your immunity while travelling
  • is delicious and easier to digest than raw food
  • is a natural daily source of beneficial microflora.

In the “old days”, people didn’t have to take acidophilus capsules to replenish their microflora because they ate fermented foods on a regular basis. Beneficial bacteria are everywhere, but modern food prep and storage has squeezed it out in favour of sterile, dead, and nutritionally inferior food.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease- Hippocrates

Here’s a sneak peek of  what you’ll learn inside the course:

√ Secrets to ensuring that you get it right on the FIRST try!

√ Learn about the health benefits of cultured vegetables!

√ You will discover why ferments are more effective and sustainable than probiotic pills!

√ You will learn how to EASILY include fermented vegetables in your diet as a regular course of your day!

√ How to make your own gourmet cultured veggie recipes!

√ You will discover how to introduce cultured foods to your kids in a way that they will like!

√ You will get recorded Gut Health lessons that you can listen to on your computer or ipod, so that you walk away from this course with EASY to implement strategies for improving your digestion and immunity!

√  Each will have prepared shopping lists, written instructions and video demos to keep you inspired, motivated and enabled for the next 6 months! We will teach you how to make: fermented fruit, chutneys, probiotic drinks, cooked vegetable ferments, young coconut ferments and every day probiotic condiments and much more!

√ 24-hour access to an online private Facebook forum where you can connect with the other participants.

But I have small children (or a baby) how will I find the time to do this?

We weren’t kidding when we said you can literally make 1 quart jar of cultured veggies in under 10 minutes!

Plus, because we know that as a momma you don’t have a lot of uninterrupted time, we’ve set aside a date to retreat with you (by recorded livecast) where together we will literally make 3 months worth of ferments when you carve out 4 hour to get it all done in a day (make it even more fun and invite your girlfriends too!).

Finally because we don’t want you to get overwhelmed or end up putting this skill on the shelf, we’ve made this a 6 month program so that you can learn step-by-step and stay on track.

PLUS- we’re making it as easy as possible by doing all the organizing for you! We are taking out all the added learning curve and the time it takes to organize!  We’ll send you the new recipes and shopping lists each month. All you have to do is follow along.

And because we know that life gets in the way, we have included loads of inspiration and motivation to help you stay on the horse – listen to recorded lessons on your ipod or computer while you cook, do housework or go for a walk!

Enjoy our concise video demonstrations, and inspiring teleseminars that you can listen to while you make your ferments! We’ve literally pulled out all the stops to get you on track to a lifestyle where eating probiotic foods is just a natural course of your day!

In fact, if you are a mom, adopting this skill is an essential component for ensuring your child’s optimal health.

Read on to discover why the skill of making probiotic foods is especially important for women in the childbearing years!

Here is a little taste sample of just some of the health topics that we cover:

Benefits for Mothers-to-be!

√ Learn why eating probiotic foods during pre-conception and pregnancy can prevent common pregnancy discomforts.

√ Learn why eating probiotic foods can prevent three not so uncommon scenarios that threaten not only your plans for a homebirth, but also learn how to decrease the chance of a last minute transfer to the hospital!

√ Learn how eating probiotic foods during pregnancy facilitates proper digestion and absorption of nutrients for you, while providing your baby with B vitamins and vitamin K for a safe birth experience for you both!

√ Learn how to prepare your birth canal by populating it with beneficial flora to ensure your baby has the best chance at developing a healthy immune system and strong digestion!

For New Mamas

√  Learn why as a breastfeeding mama, you must heal your own digestion and food intolerances, to protect your baby from ingesting irritating undigested food particles through your breast milk.

√ Learn why you might unknowingly be causing your baby discomfort and digestive distress such as colic and rashes like eczema because your own unaddressed digestive challenges.

√ Discover the incredible power that breast milk has to establish your baby’s inner ecosystem!

√ Discover how to ensure that your baby establishes optimal digestion and immunity via cultured foods and by attending to your own microflora balance and digestive health after birth.

For Moms of Young Children

√ Discover the connection between traditional foods, cultured foods, gut health and your child’s eczema or asthma.

√ Discover how cultured foods can help your child with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and depression.

√ Discover why cultured foods can help your child with tummy aches, earaches, diarrhoea and constipation.

√ Discover why feeding your already healthy child probiotic foods can fortify their health and prevent susceptibility to all kinds of infections!

√ Discover how reinforcing your child’s digestive health will optimize their growth and development.

For Moms of Teenagers

√ Discover why restoring your teens gut flora can prevent and restore health where your child may currently have symptoms of depression or schizophrenia.

√ Introduce cultured foods to your teens before they leave home to instil a habit and skill that reinforces good health in your adult children for a lifetime!

How to know if this program is right for you…

This program is PERFECT for you if…

  • You want to make cultured food and you want it to be EASY!
  • You love trying new foods and learning new skills
  • You’ve been wanting to try fermentation but you want someone to guide you.
  • You like to learn things visually and hands on (you aren`t interested in learning it from a book).
  • You have compromised digestion and immunity and want to start healing these challenges at the level of root cause.
  • You are a survivalist and you want this skill in your toolbox!
  • You are an aspiring Weston A. Price or traditional foods enthusiast.
  •  You are thinking of, or just beginning to explore, therapeutic gut healing diets such as leaky gut diet, Body Ecology or the GAPS diet.
  •  You want to SAVE money by doing your own fermentation at home!
  •  You are bored of store-bought krauts and want to increase the variety of fermented foods in your diet!

This program is NOT for you if you are….

  • Afraid to try new foods
  • You are not interested in taking your health to the next level
  • You are not interested in learning new skills
  • You’d rather learn it from a book
  • You want to learn the science of fermentation (this is simple, accessible and practical)
  • Store-bought sauerkraut satisfies you.

10 reasons you should learn from us!

  1. Because we are moms and understand the complexity of time management in the context of childrearing and we’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure that what we teach is realistic for mothers and other busy people making a difference in the world.
  2. Because we’ve been there, done it and are still doing it! Eating cultured foods has become a way of life for us.
  3. Because we are experienced educators! We know what we are doing and how to teach it in the most accessible way possible for hands on and visual learners.
  4. Because we’ve stood where you are and looking back we can guide you through the easiest and quickest path from where you are now to where you want to be with adopting probiotic foods as a regular course of your diet! Plus, learn vicariously through our mistakes so that you don’t have to waste time and money figuring it all out on your own.
  5. Because Sherry brings extensive nutrition wisdom with her 15 years experience in the natural health field and as an RHN (registered holistic nutritionist) with 3 years experience teaching live fermentation workshops and 5 years of personal experience with fermentation! Sherry’s private nutrition practice specializes in women and children with a focus on gut health. Through her personal experience of healing her son of his extreme and chronic case of eczema with the leaky gut diet over 5 years ago, Sherry developed the “Heal Your Gut for Good Program” -which she has successfully used to assist her private clients, to adopt a gut restorative program that enables each one to implement the gut healing strategy that is most reflective of their unique biochemical needs.
  6. Because Adrienne is a respected food educator with a background in journalism in the agricultural field. She’s seen the inside of the food industry and asked the tough questions. She’s also a mom who learned how to transition her family step-by-step from pre-packaged, processed fare, to a healthy and life-supporting diet based on the principles of traditional foods. She’s been sharing her practical, everyday wisdom and insight with moms, families and food organizations locally and nationally.
  7. Because Sherry has a knack for distilling complicated concepts and nutrition science into easy-to-understand lessons and downloadable hand-outs and FACT sheets.
  8. Because we won’t overwhelm you by giving you too much information! Instead you’ll get the course in bite-sized pieces that your mind can digest, absorb and assimilate!
  9. Because we are creating community around your experience. We have a peer supported online facebook forum where you can gain inspiration and support from the other participants! On the forum you can share pictures, videos, recipes, and the knowledge you`ve gained through both your challenges and successes! You may even meet someone locally who you can plan Cultured Kitchen In Home Workshops with.

Your investment of $297 includes the entire 6 month e-course.


Need a payment plan? Take advantage of our 3 pay option $127 per month. 

Have a question? Contact us at support@domesticdiva.ca


“My painful eczema has slowly healed and my breastfed baby who had a chronic red rash on her face, ezcema from head to toe and susceptibility to diaper rash cleared everything in a shockingly short period, only 7 days!”

“Before working with Sherry, I never believed I could actually undertake the changes that I needed in order to heal my digestive issues. The diet and lifestyle changes seemed daunting, overwhelming and I was really worried about how to parent while on a restricted diet. But through taking Sherry’s Heal Your Gut Program, I gained the inspiration, knowledge, motivation and the tools that I needed to get started. Implementing the strategies that Sherry shares for healing the gut have eliminated nearly a lifetime of chronic stomach pain, that I had been enduring with nearly every meal. As well, my painful eczema has slowly healed.While personally undertaking the leaky gut diet, my breastfed baby who had a chronic red rash on her face, ezcema from head to toe and susceptibility to diaper rash cleared everything in a shockingly short period, only 7 days! I was so inspired that my whole family is now eating grain free and the impact this has had for my son is beyond amazing! When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for my family, I feel so much strength and gratitude. If it wasn’t for Sherry’s classes, I really don’t feel that I would have been able to pull this off. I highly recommend this program! Thanks Sherry!“

Kat Funk, mother of 2, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Here’s How The Program Works…

“Discover How to Turn Simple, Every Day Foods into Probiotic Condiments and Bubbly Beverages” is delivered to you as an online video e-course with downloadable lessons with a selection of additional recipes (not a hundred so that you end up feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start)- but just the most delightful, tried-and-true ones, plus a downloadable course manual.

Video instructionals include how-to demonstrations and education lessons so that you not only learn the ‘how’, but the ‘why’ too!

The moment you make your purchase, you will receive Module 1:

The Basics

Module 1: “How to Ferment Anything” so that you can literally walk straight out to your garden or simply open the fridge door to make your first ferment in 10 minutes flat!
Includes 8 videos and downloadable instructionals!

Each month you will get access to a new module:

Module 2:  The “Cultured Kitchen In Home Workshop!” which includes everything you need to carve out a special time designated to making enough ferments to feed your family for the next three months – in just four hours!! We are pulling out all the stops to help you get immersed in the probiotic lifestyle ASAP so that you can benefit from the health benefits right away!!

In the “Culture Your Kitchen In Home Workshop” you will FIRST learn how to make classic Nourishing Traditions recipes, including: Raw Salsa, Kimchi, Decadent Daikon, Simple Sauerkraut, plus Sherry’s Sweet Bread and Butter Pickles, Delicious Dill Pickles and Kids Kraut!


  • Shopping List
  • Recipes
  • Itinerary for the Day
  • Video Demonstrations

After that, we’ve got you covered – we`ll be systematically expanding your fermentation skills in a totally manageable way!!

BONUS: LIVESTREAMED Culture Your Kitchen Retreat 

And as if that isn’t enough we have YET another BONUS! We have a special 4 hour recorded Livestream where we virtually come to your kitchen make 7 cultured dishes with you!


Month 3: Supercharge your digestion with Kombucha and Kefir!

Now that you’ve mastered cultured veggies, it is time to make some bubbly beverages! In this module you will learn how to make delicious probiotic drinks for the whole family like Kombucha, water kefir and ginger ale and more!

The Advanced Series

Month 4:  Cooked Ferments (Eggplant Curry, Roasted Red Peppers, Harvard Beets and Cultured Cauliflower ).

BONUS MODULE: Holiday Ferments (TantalizingThai Daikon, Un-roasted Winter Vegetables, Fennel Spiced Vegetables)

Teleseminar Topic: Symptoms of Bacterial Imbalance & How did My Bacteria Get out of Whack in the First Place!

Month 5: Fermented Fruit (Ayurvedic Chutney for your unique Dosha, Fruit Leather, Jam & Fruit Butter and Lacto-fermented fruit juice)

Teleseminar Topic: 3 Simple Ways to Restore Your Gut Flora

BONUS MODULE: Medicinal Ferments (Kefirized Herbal Infusions, Herbal Bitters, Beet Kvass and Non Dairy Creamy Cultured Surprise)

Teleseminar Topic:  Digestive Troubleshooting and healing the Leaky Gut


Month 6: Kid Friendly Ferments (Coconut Kefir Water, Coconut Kefir Pudding and Lacto fermented V8)

BONUS: Condiments (Ketchup, Relish, Mustard, Mayo & Barbeque Sauce)

Teleseminar Topic: Cultured at Birth- Birth, Breastfeeding and making cultured foods kid-friendly.

Is it worth the investment?

Let’s do a quick comparison – online fermentation courses or workshops run anywhere from $127-$997. Or if you had to purchase 1 jar a week of commercial unpasteurized sauerkraut and 1 jar of pickles,that alone would cost you nearly $56 month or $672 per year.

And just so you know, it is rare to find commercially-prepared fermented veggies that are not JUST variations of sauerkraut! Our recipes, on the other hand, will expand your palate with many different ideas to get all kinds of new fruits and veggies into your diet, in fermented fashion!

Plus, how about trading in your probiotic pills which range from $30 to $120 or more (for quality supplements) per month for cultured and condiments and bubbly beverages that you can make for a fraction of the cost! Once you adopt probiotic foods into your diet, you will be amazed at how much more potent they are at keeping your inner ecology in balance than probiotic pills.

Ditching your pills and switching to fermented or cultured vegetables can save you anywhere from $360 to $1440 per year… not to mention the money you will save by reducing or eliminating sick days that keep you from work!

Soooooo, how about discovering how to make your own ferments at home for a fraction of the price we tallied? Or even FREE from your garden!? Over the long haul, taking this course is literally going to save you thousands of dollars. AND the investment that you make in your health will continue to pay dividends over your entire lifetime!

But, we are not gonna charge you $997…And we we won’t charge you $697 either….

Instead we are gonna make this an irresistible offer a ‘no-brainer’ for you! Investment is $297 

Let us show you How to turn simple every day foods into Probiotic Condiments and Bubbly Beverages TODAY!

 “I spent a lot of money on supplements and trying to boost my immune system naturally with few results. Sherry’s fermentation course taught me how to understand my body and how to heal it from the inside out..

“I spent a lot of money on supplements and trying to boost my immune system naturally with few results. Sherry’s fermentation course taught me how to understand my body and how to heal it from the inside out using practical tools, recipes and skills that are accessible and affordable and taste great! When my body needs extra TLC I now have a variety of tools and resources to empower me to feel better, heal myself and my family!”

Jana Sacco, Nutrition Educator, AB www.FullyNourishedLiving.com

The minute you make your payment, we will send you “How to Ferment Anything” so that you can begin to immediately ferment literally whatever is in your fridge or in your garden that is ready to be harvested!

We will share with you everything that you need to know and have on hand to get started and where to get it!

Your investment of $297 includes the entire 6 month e-course.


Need a payment plan? Take advantage of our 3 pay option $127 per month. 

Have a question? Contact us at support@domesticdiva.ca
Money Back Guarantee

I think you’ll agree that the “Discover how to turn simple every day foods into probiotic condiments and bubbly beverages” is an incredible bargain for that price…

But we understand that you’ve probably heard a lot of promises over the years from people trying to sell you something online, and you are right to be suspicious of anything that sounds this good…

Obviously if we can deliver on everything we are promising you in this letter, you’ll think it was the best deal you ever got… but if it doesn’t work for you – well, then, even 5 dollars would have been too much.

We want you to know that we have as much invested in your success in this program as you do… in fact… MORE. And we intend to PROVE IT to you.

Try “Discover how to turn simple every day foods into probiotic condiments and bubbly beverages” for yourself for 30 days. If you are not blown away the quality of the program and the impact that it makes in your life, then just shoot us a simple, one-line email asking for your money back…

There won’t be any hoops to jump through, no tricks, no special number you were supposed to save to get your refund… just contact us at support@domesticdiva.ca and we will take care of it. It’s that simple.

There is absolutely no way that you can lose – except by not taking advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn the skill that will enable you to achieve optimal digestive and immune health.


Sherry and Adrienne

P.S. Still undecided? Here are some frequently asked questions that came from my past students before they enrolled:

1. Isn’t it unhealthy to add another source of salt to my diet?

No you don’t have to worry about eating too much salt. We are going to share with you why QUALITY salt is actually good for you vs. table salt. We will show you which brands are reliable and why.

2. I’m dairy intolerant, can I still make FERMENTS?

YES, you can make your ferments dairy free with JUST salt (and we will be sure to share with you how you can use fermentation to promote dairy loving flora in your gut so that you can enjoy raw milk and cultured dairy again!

3. My kids are picky eaters, will they like it?

YES! We have many kid-friendly recipes based on fruit that your kids will LOVE! Plus they will love our kid-tested ketchup, mustard, relish and mayonnaise. As for fermented veggies YES and NO (Yes, if your child is 3 and under) & (No, in general. Probably not if you are introducing fermented veggies to them for the first time between the ages of 4 & 9, but keep your mind open, because we bet your children will surprise you!) Any way you slice it, we’ll show you alternates and tips and tricks for getting fermented fruits and veggies into your child’s diet in a way that 90% + children will LOVE!

4. Isn’t this time consuming? I am super busy, will I be able to do this?

YES! If you can carve out 2-3 hours once a month, you will have more than enough ferments to keep your digestion smooth and your immunity high. We have taken out all the added hours of research and planning so that all you have to do is print up your grocery list and the recipes while purchasing additional items on your regular shopping day. Watch our short concise demonstration videos, put on a good movie and start chopping your veggies! You will be done in no time.

5. I already know how to make Cultured Veggies, is it worth it for me?

Beyond the how-to we will help you expand the variety of cultured veggies you make and we will keep you inspired to keep your kitchen stocked with a wide variety of cultured veggies. Additionally, the teleseminars will deepen your knowledge of the benefits of eating cultured veggies and motivate you to stay on track!

FYI the “Discover how to turn simple, everyday foods into probiotic condiments and bubbly beverages” is NOT a ‘try-it-once-and forget-about-it’ program. We have organized the program in such a way as to make sure that you get fully immersed in a new way of eating, so that you can continue to reap the benefits of probiotics for a lifetime. In fact we think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to continue to make probiotic foods regular fare in your diet for optimal digestion, immunity, health and beauty!

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Have a question? Contact us at support@domesticdiva.ca