28-day sugar detox challenge…

Would you like 2014 to be the year you finally kick your sugar habit once and for all?

What would it feel like to be free from your sugar cravings once and for all?

Do you find yourself:

  • looking for a ‘sugar’ pick me up every day at the same time? (Probably in the afternoon)
  • getting a great start to your day food wise, but diving into the sugar or stimulants by late afternoon (or maybe before bed).
  • unable to pass up the dainties and desserts at family get-togethers (even when it’s that freaky cake with the rock hard pink icing that your Aunt Martha makes)
  • hiding a ‘stash’ of chocolate or sweets that you don’t want anyone else to see you eating
  • feeling guilty (and gross) when you eat sweets
  • tired of having all your socializing centred around dessert or sweet drinks

You had me at ‘hello’.  I’m ready to look and feel better NOW.

I kinda feel like my body and I just came from couples’ counselling.

“Domestic Diva’s 4-week sugar detox program just blew my mind. No one has ever so simply explained what different cravings mean and what nutrients MY body is asking me for. I kinda feel like my body and I just came from couples’ counselling.”
Carrie Klassen, Toronto, ON, Owner of Pink Elephant Communications

The minute you register get our Intro Module which includes:

  • a recording of our ‘Have your cake and eat it too’ call
  • accompanying hand-outs to summarize what you have learned so that you always have those important bits right at your fingertips!
  • you can join our private Facebook group for ongoing connection and support

The remaining 4 modules will be delivered to your inbox every 7 days so that you have lots of time to listen to the lessons, read the hand-outs and implement what you learn before taking the next step!

*Includes online weekly teleclasses that you can listen to on your computer (or download onto your iPod), recipes, resources, FB forum support and a fully nourishing 7-day sugar detox meal plan!

Learn from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. All calls are pre-recorded, so you can listen to them when it works for you.

Ready to get started with us?

Domestic Diva Sugar Detox Program $197


Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your sugar habit is at least PART of the reason you:

  • keep breaking out (your skin looks terrible)
  • suffer from chronic yeast infections (you know the ones that make you feel like hopping around on one leg?)
  • feeling like you are just DRAGGING through the day (how are you going to drum up the energy to make supper or put the kids to bed?)
  • can’t get rid of that belly fat or lose the last 10 pounds

You don’t need anyone to tell you that you are eating too much sugar. Even when you cut back you suspect there is waaaay too much of the white stuff on your diet. But you just can’t stop. It feels like sugar and everything sweet is just a part of life….

They made it so easy to add into my diet the things that I found out my body was begging for, and my sugar cravings slowly over the short weeks of the course, disappeared! I couldn’t believe it! 

“Before I did the Sugar Detox, I had already changed the way I ate to a diet of real foods because of a diagnosis of Celiac’s Disease. I couldn’t shake the cravings for chocolate and sugar though, and I also felt like I was having some issues with yeast. Honestly I didn’t know if Sherry and Adrienne could really tell me anything I didn’t already know… I was wrong! They made it so easy to add into my diet the things that I found out my body was begging for, and my sugar cravings slowly over the short weeks of the course, disappeared! I couldn’t believe it! Not only did this change the way I approach my meals, my husband and teenagers began eating the same way I was and we all are feeling better for it. I would highly recommend this and any class offered by them to anyone who is thinking they might need a friend to help them get to a happier, healthier place! The verdict: no yeast, no bladder infections, no big dips in energy in the late afternoon and there hasn’t been a chocolate bar in the house for weeks!”
Bethany Hissong, Lancaster, PA USA

*Click here for more FAQs about sugar addiction and our program.

Maybe it’s left you believing that all of those people who don’t eat sweets are either:
1. born with extraordinary willpower
2. ‘salt addicts (you’re either a sweet or a salty person right?)
3. total freaks!

Besides how in the world would you make it through the day if you couldn’t have your ‘fix’?

Maybe you’ve kicked every other major vice and this one is the one that just won’t let go. Smoking. Done. Drinking. Done. Binge shopping. That’s so 2009

You might be asking yourself: why the hell can’t I walk past a piece of cheesecake, forego the terrible pre-fab cafeteria cookie, or stop buying that disgusting ice cream that definitely doesn’t even seem like real ice cream anymore… (you don’t dare even look at the ingredients).

I feel like I could go on and on about what I have learned!

“Well I must say I learned ALOT!!!! I was most surprised about how many kinds of sugars there are and how the ones I thought were worth spending the extra money on turned out to be not the “best” sources of sugar. It is soooooo shocking how processed things are. It also really hit me with the lesson on salts. The sea salt I was buying was in fact not a great source of salt as well. I was really on the fence about taking this course as we had already eliminated white sugar from our house for about a year. I didn’t even feel I was really even addicted to sugar. I wasn’t sure how much I would gain. I’m super happy I did the course!!!! I also love that you talked about the energy of foods. I feel like I could go on and on about what I have learned. I appreciate that at the end of every call a summary is given and handouts can be printed off. You two ladies inspire me in the kitchen and inspire me to be a better mom!!!!”
 Lisa Suski Waterloo, Ontario

This program has drastically made a difference for me! I totally feel like I am lessoning the hooks that sugar and chocolate have in me.

“Thanks again for all your work to bring us the fabulous detox! What I liked most is that it plays out over a whole month. By having 3 weeks( or more in my case) I feel like it is becoming a way of life rather than a quick fix that does not last. This program has drastically made a difference for me! I totally feel like I am lessoning the hooks that sugar and chocolate have in me. I’m not all the way there yet but making huge progress! And that feels awesome. So much has blown me away but I’ll have to say the one thing was Agave nectar, I really thought we were on the right track with that one and come to find out its crap! I’m still learning so I’m sure there will be more to come for me.”
Stacey Dyer Chepachet, Rhode Island

If you were anything like me (Adrienne), you maybe even tried those detox kits. You know the ones that are supposed to set you on the straight and narrow with $35-$100, a restrictive diet and a handful of herbal supplements….

Obviously that just didn’t work….But then I found what does. Almost by accident! And it didn’t involve starving myself or taking a tonne of supplements….

So, can you imagine going through the day, without sneaking in that chocolate bar? Can you imagine passing up a cookie or cheesecake without even thinking twice? Can you imagine having energy- real energy. Not the kind that brings a physical and emotional crash with it a couple of hours later….

We can tell you firsthand that it IS possible…

Sherry and I got sick of being on that rollercoaster too. That’s why we decided to put together the sugar detox to end all sugar detoxes! To share what got us to the place where we could take it or leave it, when it comes to sweets- once and for all.…(without the restrictive diet, insane cravings, or socially ostracizing ourselves!)

And let me tell you: ‘deprived’ wasn’t in our vocabulary for this one!

We aren’t simply going to leave you with the steps, but we are going to show you exactly how to take them! That`s right, we are going to be right there with you for the implementation part too!!

When you enrol in the Domestic Diva 28-day Sugar Detox Program, this is what you can expect:

  • A recording of our ‘Have your cake and eat it too’ recorded call with accompanying hand-outs so that you always have this important information right at your fingertips!
  • Four additional weeks of educational, inspirational and mind-expanding teleseminars that will not only keep you motivated but will give you the tools you need to implement what you learn- fast! (Each recorded call is approximately 1 hour long and comes with easy to digest hand-outs that summarize and outline what to do right after you get off the call so that you can get started right away!)
  • And so that you can get the support you need, we are including a private peer supported Facebook group so that you can get accountability, feedback and cheerleading from the other participants too!
  • Finally, we will end the 4 week program with a 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge that includes recipes, a menu plan and grocery list to make it super easy for you to get started and to stay on track  (including grain-free, dairy-free and meat-free options).

Every recipe that we give you is tried and true and super delicious- you’ll quickly forget that you are even on a detox! In fact, this will probably be the most satisfying week of enjoying food that you’ve experienced in a long time. You will feel completely nourished (we promise)!!

And if you are wondering if you are going to have to spend your whole week in the kitchen, well, we just don’t believe in that!  We know what it is like to feel time-starved and are not going to make you slave over the stove…

Just not having to figure out what you should make and when is going to save you lots of time and energy. Energy you can spend feeling svelte, sharp and alive sans cravings.

If this sounds a bit more humane and manageable than what you’ve tried in the past that’s because it probably is!

Just like going to the gym with a buddy, things are always easier when you have support and accountability. So, we’ll be here with you every step of the way to make sure you’re not left jonesing or acting like a junkie every time you see something sweet.

This is about making sure you have the right things in your diet as much as it is about taking the wrong things OUT.

Right now, we know you’re motivated. And that’s exactly who we want to work with. People who want change. For themselves and for their families. Maybe it’s part of a new year’s resolution. Maybe it’s just time. Or a nagging sense you could feel better. A knowing.

Are you ready? We are. And we’re waiting to see you there too…

p.s.s Got questions? Post them below..


  • Anna

    Can you join in from overseas (New Zealand?)

    • Adrienne

      Absolutely! That’s the beauty of an online course. You will get the same level of support no matter where you are! Let me know if you have any other questions.
      We’ve got a GREAT group of women signed up and we’re already super-pumped about the energy they are bringing to the program!

  • http://crankymonkeys.com/blog/ mrs b @crankymonkeys in london

    I have been sugar free for 20 days already :)

    • Adrienne

      Hooray! Way to go. I imagine you must feel great!

  • Cynthia NV

    Will you be offering this again soon? I would love to do this course – but just found out about it a wee bit too late …


    • Sherry

      Hey Cynthia,

      Yes we certainly will be, get on the wait list to be notified!!


    • http://DomesticDiva.ca/ Adrienne

      Cynthia- please add your name to the notification list for the next course by adding your name to the box in the upper right corner of the page!

    • Sherry

      The course is now available to start at any time!

  • Vicky

    I am a sugar addicted vegan! Will I still be able to follow the course? Are there vegan friendly recipes?


    • http://DomesticDiva.ca/ Adrienne

      Vicky you can absolutely still do the course. Have you added your name to the waiting list?

    • Sherry

      Yes the course has many vegan friendly recipes- there are dairy free, egg free and grain free alternatives to suit all kinds of diets!

  • Nanette

    I live in New Brunswick, could you tell me around what time the phone calls are?

    • Sherry

      The calls are recorded so you can listen in on your own time!

    • Sherry

      Hi Nanette,

      All calls are recorded so you can listen to them at a time that is most convenient to you!!


  • Tamricacres

    Is this program designed specifically for women and/or for certain ages?

  • Astrid Arciniega

    I live in Mexico City , Do you still have this course available? Thanks, Astrid